52 reasons why I love you!

Leading on from my previous post, I made a gift for my husband explaining the reasons why i love him (apologies to all readers who are allergic to a bitta’ PDA)! To be honest though I think I probably appreciated the gift more than he did! (He’s not a handmade gift kinda guy shall we say!)

I ordered a pack of playing cards which I had personalised with an ultra sickening photo of the two of us. (You can type into google “personalised playing cards” and there are many online retailers to choose from. Once the pack arrived, I designed a playing card sized cover for the front and back. Decorated the front with stickers – that said “52 reasons why I love you”, then hole punched everything together and tied it up with coloured parcel string.


Then with a marker pen wrote a reason on each card! Gotta admit some of the reasons did stretch my imagination! But call it a test to your relationship! Can you name 52 reasons for your loved one?


This would be a great gift for a 52 year old or perhaps for a mother or grandma! Maybe even your best friend! I personally think its adorable!

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